What is a butterfly?

Animalia, Actual multi-cellar sub-world, Jawbone group, Subtropical subspecies of the insects class, Butterflies and Guereler are living creatures. In the Butterfly and Guerrero team there are the upper families of Spikes (Hesperioidea) and True Butterflies (Papilionoidea). True butterflies are composed of 5 families.

How many butterflies are there?

About 500,000 species are found in the lepidoptera team, including butterflies, but there are about 17500 species of butterflies, 3500 zıpzıp and 14500 real butterflies. The number of species and species according to their families and sub-families are listed in the table below.

How long is the life of the butterflies?

Many people think that butterflies live for only 1 day. This is wrong information.
Because migrant moths, for example sultans, have a life span of 6-12 months.
But copper butterflies and small blue butterflies are some others that really live for a few days.











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