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Leading With Agility

Leading With Agility Overview

Organizations today are struggling to stay responsive and effective in the face of increasingly turbulent economic, technological, sociological and market forces. Most companies are struggling just to catch up with, let alone get in front of, the accelerating turbulence that seems to infect every industry. The problem is that business leaders are not only dealing with rapid change. What most leaders are dealing with is a condition of increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA). The Leading With Agility certification is valuable to anyone wishing to learn about the paradigm shifts necessary to lead in VUCA environments, and to develop relevant leadership capabilities.

Leading With Agility Review

Being an effective leader takes tact and initiative. You need to see the vision of your company and lead your entire team to the finish line with ease. No matter the obstacles that come your way, you need to find a way to overcome them with positivity and without fear. You must be agile in your attempts and succeed at every turn. It is this agility that can promise success as you are able to move seamlessly through your days, finding ways to adapt to the issues at hand. You can predict the next move and pivot when necessary to avoid conflict and problems. It is this agility that is the true mark of a leader

It is this agility that can promise success as you are able to move seamlessly through your days, finding ways to adapt to the issues at hand. You can predict the next move and pivot when necessary to avoid conflict and problems. It is this agility that is the true mark of a leader

Leading With Agility | Product Information:

This ICAgile accredited course is a 6 week online Leadership Experience combining asyncrhonous Video and lesson assignments with weekly live online sessions with a Leadership Coach.

Videos are delivered weekly to users who sign up, and each week a new set of lessons are unlocked. Also, each week, attendees meet with a Leadership Coach/Trainer to discuss as part of a cohort, what they learned and how to apply it.

Leading With Agility

What You will Practice and Learn:

The path to business agility
Agile Leader styles, key attributes and mindset
Relationship Agility for engaging today’s workforce
Agile organizational design and culture
Understanding Emotional Intelligence and its impact on Leadership. Included are options for EQ assessments and on-going coaching to improve
Crafting and Creating High-Performing teams through coaching and listening skills
Leadership 360 assessment and on-going coaching to help you improve


Week 1:

Why do organizations need agility? We will explore the role of the leader in today’s changing world and discover the relationships between leadership and Business Agility

Organizational Capabilities needed in today’s exponential world; a deep dive into organizational structures, with case studies to help uncover unconventional companies and how they thrive

Leading With Agility

Week 2:

Personal Agility; what are the skills and characteristics that are important in today’s world. You’ll learn and practice skills in a small group setting, discovering more about your personal leadership style.

Organizational Agility; continuing from the prior week, an exploration into organizational design

Leading With Agility

Week 3:

Enabling a Learning Organization; what does a Learning Organization look like? Why is this important? We’ll explore these topics and create strategies to take back to your company

Emotional Intelligence; there a lot of buzz lately on the importance of EQ, some go so far as to say it’s more important than IQ. This course includes a complementary EQ assessment and we use that to help determine areas of improvement

Leading With Agility

Week 4:

Leadership Development; we explore development models, focusing on brain based research that shows how adults learn best. Outcome is a better understanding of what makes you tick, and how you can set yourself up for success.

Team Development; a leaders main role is to build high-performing teams. We discuss strategies that make for this to happen, and provide you with tools and a blueprint to apply in your context

Leading With Agility

Week 5:

We explore and practice giving and receiving feedback, a crucial part of leadership.

We also focus on the art of storytelling, from the context of a leader using storytelling to deliver powerful messaging

Leading With Agility

Week 6:

Change Management – what does it take to implement change? How can you as a leader be more successful both as a change participant, and a change catalyst? These are questions we cover in this module

Tying it all together; you build your leadership action plan through an open-space type activity with your peers in this class

Leading With Agility

May 2021
Day 1: May 6 Thursday 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Day 2: May 13 Thursday 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Day 3: May 20 Thursday 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Day 4: May 27 Thursday 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Day 5: June 3 Thursday 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Day 6: June 10 Thursday 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM

The ICP-LEA, Leading with Agility certification from ICAgile, the worlds premiere agile accreditation consortium.

You also get free and forever membership in the Agile Meridian private Slack forum dedicated to our alumni. Here, you can collaborate with your class attendees and continue to learn and grow from your peers and your facilitators from Agile Meridian.

To facilitate this event, we will be using Zoom for live, online sessions; Mural for collaboration, and Slack for asynchronous communication of course announcement, homework, etc. Equivalent tools may be substituted at our discretion.

Target Audience

The Leading with Agility certification is valuable to anyone wishing to learn about the paradigm shifts necessary to lead in adaptive environments, and to develop relevant leadership capabilities.

This certification was specifically designed for leaders where one or more of the following criteria apply:

Leaders or aspiring leaders at any level in an organization

People at any level who lead or aspire to lead in an organization on a business agility journey

Leaders who see the value of growing an agile organization, and are committed to developing themselves as agile leaders in order to achieve that aim.

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Having spent over half his career in product teams delivering mission critical solutions, Jolly is passionate about helping organizations achieve the business agility that will help them compete in the global market place. He leverages his deep understanding of organizational behavior and knowledge of the technology landscape to bring impactful transformation of the organizational mindset and grow high performing teams that can sustain the change over a long period of time.


Kumar Dattatreyan is a senior agile coach and trainer with experience in a variety of industries as well as in the government. He is teaching a number agile courses and also holds an ICF certification ACC.
A life-long change agent, agile and executive coach, professional facilitator with experience that ranges from running restaurants to coaching executives in Fortune 50 companies.

Kumar has been coaching and training others for the past 20+ years. His coaching is mostly in Enterprise Agile Transformations; helping medium to large organizations change how they work. As part of this change, the biggest challenge is in how leadership/management views people and the work they do. This is what led him to discover the John Maxwell Team and the wealth of coaching, mentoring and teaching models that have allowed him to help managers transition to leaders.


For over 25 years, Mike has worked with companies to provide improvements around product development, executive training, strategic planning, software development, project management, sales, HR, governance and other business areas in both highly-regulated and non-regulated industries. More recently, Mike has been working with companies on improving system-wide performance, assisting with Lean and Agile organizational adoptions, and provided training and coaching using Agile, Lean, Systems Thinking, Business Agility, User-Centered Design, and Organizational Development techniques and mindsets. Mike has applied these techniques within the insurance, banking, manufacturing, medical, retail, financial services, and education communities in four countries for over 50 companies and over 350 teams.


Kumar is absolutely of the best coaches that I know—both at the individual and the enteprise level. He is held in high esteem by his clients who appreciate his deep knowledge and his thoughtful approach. He is sensitive to people and able to help those around him to grow and to progress. He has a compelling vision for how things can be better and how to move towards that state. Kumar always leaves an organization better than he found it.
Jeff Nielsen
Chief Technology Officer

Kumar is an outstanding enterprise coach. He coached teams, scrum masters, and other coaches, led our SAFe adoption and refinement, and counseled me and other senior leaders on organizational factors. Highly recommend.
Scott Richardson
Chief Information Officer

I currently have the distinct pleasure of collaborating with Jolly in the process of transforming the Single Family Digital Products at Fannie Mae. Jolly and I have worked together for nearly two years and Jolly has been integral in the process of challenging the team to transform their mindset in the Agile methodology and continue grow and mature in this regard. The impact of his leadership and coaching has been immeasurable as we now lead the Fannie Mae enterprise in the Agile maturity model and practice in our daily product development activities. I would recommend Jolly Rajan for any organization looking to transform and create a culture of co-creation, empowerment and creating ultimate customer value.
Jim Tomasello
Director, Product Development

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