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Freight Broker Training

Freight Broker Profits in an online program that serves as a bridge between with products to transport with the carrier having the capacity to carry the freight. It helps shippers in moving freight from one point to another by finding a carrier who can potentially haul the freight and considerable charges compared to what a shipper intends to pay them. This explains the meaning of the term broker in this context.

In this freight broker training I share the TOP 3 ways to become a freight broker or freight agent. The key to pick the freight broker training method that is best for you.

How to become a freight broker or freight agent.

1 – Online freight broker training course

2 – Classroom freight broker training school

3 – Freight broker job training aka on the job training

Including the pros and cons of each style of training.

PLUS I share 5 very important questions you need to consider before selecting a freight broker training program.

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Freight Agent Training

Online Freight Broker Training Course

This type of freight broker training is typically delivered via the internet, usual in the form of a course or membership website where you can login and access the training 24/7.

The training is typically either written articles and/or pre-recorded or live videos where an instructor teaches and coaches students through the various steps to starting and growing a successful freight brokerage.

In addition, online training’s usually offer some form of downloadable and or printable resources that users can use offline while away from their computer.

Things like forms, contracts, cheat sheets, checklists, guides and the list goes on.


Typically less expensive ($100-$500 range)
No travel, learn from home
More flexible w/ 24/7 access
Learn at your own pace


Freight Broker Boot Camp is not being sold offline. Much like alternative electronic products this product as well can only be ordered on the web.
Must be self motivated

Freight Broker Boot Camp

Classroom Freight Broker Training School

This is where you might enroll in a freight broker training at a local college or maybe even travel to a freight broker training school located outside your area.

Classroom training’s can last a few days to a few months depending upon your needs and budget. Instructors in classroom training deliver the same content as online training but they do it live face to face in small to medium sizes classes typically ranging from 5-50 students.


Instructor led
Immediate feedback
Very structured to keep you accountable


Typically more expensive ($1,000-$5,000 range)
May have to travel
May have to take time off work
Slower pace

Freight Broker

Freight Broker Job Training Aka On The Job Training

This is where you first get hired as an intern, a W2 employee or even an independent contractor and are trained on the job.

On the job training typically takes the longest. Mainly because it is a hands on, learn as you, go style training where you start by learning and mastering the basics and over time you are exposed to more complex topics based upon how well your on the job training partner feels you are doing.

On the job training may take 6-18 months or longer before you are exposed to all of the key skills and lessons needed to become a successful freight broker.


Simple way to learn
Get paid to learn
Experienced supervision


Schedule is fixed and not flexible
Not everyone is a good teacher
Need to commute
Much slower learning curve

Key Topics Freight Brokers Need to Know to Grow a Successful Business

Starting and growing a successful freight brokerage requires an understand which covers multiple areas of discipline.

That doesn’t mean you need to be an expert in all the areas listed below BUT as the owner you do need to understand the various things that drive and support your freight/logistics business.

freight broker bootcamp

About Dennis Brown

Dennis Brown is the owner of FreightBrokerBootCamp and former CEO of Logistic Dynamics, Inc. (LDi) one of North Americas fastest growing logistics providers. (2003-2013)

Dennis founded his freight brokerage, LDi, back in 2003 as a one man operations with no industry experience and has helped to grow the company to over $80 million in sales in 2015 before selling his equity to pursue other ventures.

Back in 2009, after hundreds of requests to train freight brokers and agents he decided to offer a very comprehensive but affordable online freight broker training program called freight broker bootcamp

Since then thousands of people interested in learning how to become a freight broker or freight agent have participated in his online freight broker training program which posts a 97% customer satisfaction rating!

5 Things to Consider When Selecting a Freight Broker Training Program

Cost/investment – everyone’s budget for starting a business is different. Online courses have a tendency to be more affordable while classroom instructor led course are more expensive.

How quickly can you start – most online course you can start immediately. Classroom style course may be limited to a few start dates per year, so it could involve waiting weeks or even months to get started.

Does it require travel/time away from work – Online course can be done from the convenience of your own home and do not require a commute while most instructor led course are offline at an offsite location which will require travel.

Experience/background of instructor – experience is key when selecting someone to teach you a specialized skill like becoming a freight broker. Do your research and make sure the person has started and grown a successful freight brokerage or freight agency before enrolling in their training.

Reputation/credibility – how many good and or bad reviews/recommendations/testimonials you  find online about the course and/or the instructor can be indicative of the quality of the training you will receive.

freight broker boot  camp


Becoming a freight broker or freight agent can be a very lucrative business. Personally I have generated over $200 million in sales with my own freight brokerage.

BUT regardless of the training method you choose, I want you to understand that like anything worthwhile, it requires an investment in time, resources and money. It’s not some get rich quick scheme, it’s a real business.

If you treat it like a million dollar opportunity, it can provide millions in return.

If you treat it like a nickel and dime hobby, it will give you just that…nickels and dimes!

The secret is to find a someone who has already achieved what you are looking to do and absorb as much from their free and paid resources as you can!

The program uses some short and simple video clips to train individuals. The entire training is designed in a very simple way that any person can follow and turn out to become a great freight broker or agent. There is much more than you are going to learn from this program.

7 Special Bonuses

BONUS #1 – Five artistically engineered website templates geared for marketing your business on the internet. ($500 + value)

BONUS #2 – Fuel Surcharge Generator – Calculate fuel surcharge rates FAST! – Fill in the blanks and go! ($200 Value)

BONUS #3 – Contract Generator – Create professional and fully customizable contracts on-the-fly! ($250 Value)

BONUS #4 – Sample Freight Broker Business Plan – This sample plan will guide you through your own planning process.($150 Value)

BONUS #5 – FREE Ebook “Think and Grow Rich” so you can learn how to tap into the millionaire mindset! ($ Millions $ Value)

BONUS #6 – Shipper Database – 188,000 shippers (Value $500+)

BONUS #7 – Carrier Database – 165,000 carriers (Value $500+)

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So What Will You Learn In Our Online Freight Broker Training?

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