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Quickbooks University Review

The Quickbooks University is a comprehensive video course that allows the user to maximize the use of the QuickBooks software for bigger and better profit.

First off, Quickbooks is a comprehensive accounting program that allows business owners to manage their accounts without the help of a full-time accountant. Considering how finance is the most important part of any business, Quickbooks guides the owner into deciphering their own financial operations, summarizing event and all in all creating a better business.

Despite how easy Quickbooks makes accounting though, there’s still no question that the process requires more than a glancing knowledge of the software and the process. This is where The Quickbooks University comes in.

This particular product provides a step-by-step approach with 37 videos on the use of Quickbooks and even more importantly – how to maximize the program for better profit results.

The tutorials tackle the right method of handling sales information, paying bills, payments from clients and how to work the sheet for customized reports. It also discusses how to create a comprehensive payroll for employees, export Excel and even track and pay one’s own taxes.

Since November 2012 The Quickbooks University Video course offers version 2 refelecting Quckbooks 2012.

The tutorials also informs users of how to customize their operational forms and formulas for a more business-specific setting.

What’s remarkable about the Quickbooks University though is the fact that the creator takes time to explain exactly how accounts and transactions relate to the overall function of the business.

By learning how to analyze the financial implications, users will find that they can easily increase their profit by knowing which factors to manipulate.

Quickbooks University comes in video form and covers all operations of the business from the minute a sale is made to the point where taxes are paid. Compared to other tutorials, the course actually cost very little.

Quickbooks University

What is Quickbooks?

If you are not familiar with Quickbooks, it is the number one selling accounting software in the world for small business. Roughly 90% of small businesses use the software to keep track of their books and accounting on a day to day basis.

3 different User Levels.

There are 3 options to choose depending on what a user needs to do with the course. A Individual User licence is obviously for individuals which need to learn Quickbooks for themselves, the Business Licence is for clients with up to 3 users in the same company, and the Unlimited Licence is for coaches and teachers which like to use the course in their classes to teach others about Quickbooks. The last licence include also a download of all the tutorials, differently to the Individual and Business licence, which dipsplay the videos on screen only inside a member area.

1) Bookkeepers who want to learn Quickbooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online,

2) Unemployed people that find they need Quickbooks experience to get a job,

3) New and existing business owners who want to understand how to use Quickbooks

The Free Videos

The free videos are about 8-9 minutes in length and only touch on 3 important topics in Quickbooks. The actual full Quickbooks University training videos average about 10 minutes in length each, 6+ hours in total, and go into MUCH greater detail.

What is Quickbooks?

QuickBooks Training Online – 4 Critical Tips To Ensure Success

When searching for Quickbooks training online, there are a few things you want to make sure of before you begin. Because there are so many online Quickbooks tutorials, this article explains the 4 most critical elements you should focus on when choosing.

1- Videos

First of all, when deciding on Quickbooks training online, make sure that any tutorial or class you sign on for has video training. I don’t know about you, but it is 100 times easier to learn a software program when it is done with video than by print. Believe it or not, there are many Quickbooks training programs that are in print, with no video, and they make learning the program much more difficult.

2- Support

The second criteria for any Quickbooks training online to make sure of is the support the maker of the videos gives you. Be sure that you have access to the trainer or other qualified person who can answer any questions you may have pertaining not only to the training, but also to accounting in general. The ideal person to handle this would be a CPA or other qualified Quickbooks pro. A general support person will not understand accounting in general, so may be able to only answer general technical questions about the software.

3- Current version of Quickbooks

Third, be sure that the Quickbooks training online uses a current version of the Quickbooks software. At the time of this writing, that could include Quickbooks versions 2007-2011. In each successive year since 2007, Intuit has made minor changes to the layout, so training on any one of these versions should allow you to get what you need in terms of training.

4- Affordability

Believe it or not, there are some Quickbooks courses online that will charge upwards of $300 for the training. This seems like a pretty high price to learn the software, especially if you are just starting a business or learning it for a job. Seek out Quickbooks training online that has the same quality but is much more inexpensive. You can get the exact same training for a fraction of the cost.

By following these 4 tips when finding Quickbooks training online, you will be assured of learning this incredible small business software and applying it to your business or job at the most affordable price.

What is Quickbooks?


However, one of the most simple and cost effective ways to learn Quickbooks is to learn the software through online videos.

Quickbooks tutorials that are online are your best choice for a couple of reasons:

  1. The video training is typically on demand, meaning that you can come back and watch the videos over and over as many times as you need.
  2. The cost to deliver online Quickbooks training videos is typically less expensive than physcially shipping a CD or DVD. Thus, this format for training is usually less expensive than your average Quickbooks tutorials.
  3. You can view the online videos in your home, when it is convenient for you. You do not have to be to a classroom at a certain time on a certain day.

So, when you are searching for cost effective, simple, easy-to-use, Quickbooks tutorials so that you can learn Quickbooks easily, be sure to look for the simple solution found in online video training.

Mat Hultquist is a certified public accountant (CPA) that has taught 1,000’s of small business owners how to correctly use Quickbooks in their business so they enjoy greater peace of mind and increased profits.

Quickbooks training

Even better, the CPA-author Mat Hultquist offers as a invaluable bonus a One-on-One support over a user only Forum and is providing a 100% Money Back Guarantee for those who decide to purchase but find themselves unsatisfied with the results.