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The Clever Gizmos Keyword Researcher tool is a keyword research tool released by Clever Gizmos, LLC, a software company that focuses on producing the best internet marketing tools. Aside from developing Keyword Researcher Pro, the company also develops other internet marketing apps such as Window Blocker and Clever YouTube Plugin. They also produce some informative internet marketing how-to videos. The company headquarter is located in Dana Point, California, USA.

Keywords Data from Google Auto-complete Database

The Clever Gizmos Keyword Researcher tool is unlike any other keyword research tools. It is actually a Google’s auto-complete database scraper. The keyword data are obtained purely by scraping the data from the auto-complete database provided by Google, and it automates all the process. This is what makes the Keyword Researcher tool from Clever Gizmos unique and different. Google’s auto-complete database is filled with low competition long tail keywords that you can always use to rank your website well on the search engine. So, with this tool, searching for long tail keywords is an easy thing to do.

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Keyword Filtering Feature

The Keyword Researcher tool provided by Clever Gizmos allows you to import lists of keywords in the CSV format, and then filter the good ones out of the bad ones. First, you can use the regular free keyword research tool provided by Google to obtain some seed keywords, in which you can export to the Clever Gizmos software to obtain long tail keywords out of those seed keywords. Then, it doesn’t stop there. You can filter the good ones out of the bad ones in order to get the best keywords that you can work with. After that, you can simply remove the junk keywords from your keyword list and focus on building good content with the best keywords that you have found.

WordPress Integration

The Keyword Researcher tool from Clever Gizmos allows you to publish your written content to your WordPress blog directly from the software interface. The built-in WordPress integration feature can minimize the time that you need to spend on publishing a new post for your blog. You do not need to copy the content manually to your WordPress dashboard. With this feature, the Clever Gizmos Keyword Researcher tool allows you to walk through the entire content publishing process from within the software. You do not need to do each process separately. The software acts as a keyword research tool, content optimization tool, as well as content publishing platform.


Though it lacks the complete features provided by other keyword research tools in the market, the Clever Gizmos Keyword Researcher tool is a simple keyword research tool that allows you to do the complete process of creating highly optimized content for your website, which helps you to rank your website well in the search engine. You do not need to install add-ons or other software to complete your content creation process. With this software, researching keyword, optimizing content, and publishing content go hand in hand. And with an affordable one-time payment, you can get all this simple yet powerful keyword research tool in your online marketing arsenal.

This is Keyword Researcher.
It’s the only SEO software that helps you find
Long-Tail Keywords and create SEO-Optimized Content for your website.

Keyword Researcher is a software tool for generating low-competition Long Tail Keywords. Keyword Researcher helps you find thousands of Long Tail Keywords by scraping Google’s massive Autocomplete database.

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