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What Is Lucid Dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is the ability to CONTROL your dreams.

Lucid Dreaming is the proven scientific ability to become ‘self aware’ in your dreams.

A lucid dream feels like a normal dream but you’re aware of the fact that it’s a dream WHILE you’re actually in the dream, meaning you can guide it and control what you do, and what you experience. You can fly across alien planets, overcome nightmares and live the impossible. Anyone can learn how to lucid dream by following proven techniques, it’s perfectly safe, easy and fun to learn!

Exploring weird lands and alien worlds
Talking to parts of your mind
Interacting with your fantasies and random people
Playing out your ultimate adventures
And literally anything else you could possibly imagine

Normally, when you dream, you’re not really aware of what’s going on, you can’t actively think about things and make your own decisions. It’s almost like you’re just watching yourself do the actions, but you’re not in control. When you have a lucid dream however, You become aware of yourself, and the fact that you’re dreaming.

You can make decisions, explore and control the dream-world, and pretty much do anything you can imagine. You could fly around the world, meet a celebrity, practice your job interview, or ride around on a giant butterfly; there is no limit.

The reason people are able to have a lucid dreaming experience is that they can ‘wake up their mind’ and experience things while they’re sleeping. Normally when you go to sleep, your brain sort of shuts off, and you’re not aware of what’s going on. With training and practice you can unlock the part of your mind responsible for being ‘aware’ of yourself.


Lucid Dreaming Review

There is no way around it, everyone sleeps, everyone dreams, and when a person knows how to Lucid Dream, they’ll want to do it every night. There is no reason why anyone wouldn’t want to learn how to lucid dream, because it doesn’t require any extra energy.

You go to sleep anyway, why not make the most of it?

We sleep on average 8-9 hours per night, right?

That adds up to hundreds of thousands of hours in a year, why would you want to just ‘sleep through the fog’? There is so much more you could be doing, and it would unlock doors for you in your real life. You can learn and practice REAL skills, and ACTUALLY improve at them in waking life.

It’s such an amazing thing and it really can benefit everyone, it can work wonders on your mood, health, mindset, sleep, and you can overcome and control your nightmares. This is one of the reasons this website was put together, I felt so happy and inspired by the feeling that Lucid Dreaming brings that I had to share it with someone. This site will show you how to Lucid Dream.

Lucid Dreaming

Are there any benefits? What’s the point?

Lots of people don’t see the ‘point’ when they first hear about this, and are happy just having ‘normal dreams’. Well, there are several powerful REASONS why you should WANT to lucid dream, as well as a lot of attractive health benefits such as:

Improve your sleep: Lucid dreamers have more peaceful and restorative sleep and wake up feeling a lot more refreshed and energized

Experience your fantasies: Remember you can do ANYTHING in your lucid dreams, and it all feels vivid, real, and powerful. You can live out your wildest fantasies and experience things that would be impossible in waking life

Improve at real life: By practicing things in a lucid dream, you ACTUALLY improve in real life because the same neurons fire in your brain as if you’d really practiced the skill. Learn anything faster and with less effort!

Explore your mind: Since you’re basically walking around inside your own dreams and being aware of that fact, you can interact DIRECTLY with your mind, your fears and all sorts of other interesting parts of your brain.

Extend your life! We’re asleep for over a third of our entire lives. Why would you waste that by just laying there doing nothing, when you could be laying there doing ANYTHING in a lucid dream, and waking up with the beautiful memories of it all?!

Plus loads more: There are hundreds of benefits to lucid dreaming as well as practical uses for the skill, far too many to cover here. There are useful, practical benefits as well as health benefits, emotional healing, better sleep, and a LOT of fun

  • How to sleep better naturally
  • How to fall asleep FASTER
  • How to have more dreams (and how to remember them more easily
  • Tutorial on keeping a dream journal for lucid dreaming
  • Tutorial on doing reality checks
  • How to lucid dream for beginners
  • How to MEDITATE for dreams
  • Common dream symbols and their meanings

About The Guest Author

Stefan Zugor is a personal development blogger and author of How to Lucid. He has been lucid dreaming for several years and wants to share the knowledge with as many people as possible.

Final Thoughts

When used correctly, reality checks are one of the easiest ways to have lucid dreams. I hope these tips give you a better idea of how to harness the reality check principle and give you some good results in your dream world.

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