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Brain A Thon

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Unlock Your Brain For Success

Don’t miss it! This free online event will change lives.


This year 6 brain experts will reveal the most powerful new techniques to let go of limiting beliefs, fears, or self-esteem issues.

These may be holding you back from achieving your financial goals and your dream life.

A previous student of Brain a Thon called Yukie said:

“Before going through the Brain a thon training, I felt overwhelmed when I was facing a big change of my life.

Afterwards, I took lots of action even though I was feeling fear.

When I increased my self-esteem, my income increased.

I doubled the amount of my revenue from last year and I bought a new home for myself with an ocean view!

Now I am setting new goals and I’m ready for it.”

Brain A Thon

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Neurogym Brain A Thon Review

According to the latest brain research there are 3 key things anyone can do to increase their chances for achieving greater financial, health and overall success.

The 1st is self-image and self-worth.

Research shows that you have two key types of self-image. The one you want people to see and the one that is hidden deep within your psyche ( subconscious ). If your hidden self-image says “I am not smart enough”, “worthy enough” or “deserving enough” of the goal you want to achieve, you will sabotage your efforts to maintain the results your hidden self-image states and believes you deserve.

The 2nd is limiting beliefs.

Whenever you have limiting beliefs, your perceptions and behaviors align to make sure that your limiting belief is true. Many people prefer mastering disappointment vs mastering change and limiting beliefs act as the filter for what you see and do in the world. In a sense, it’s a weird way to keep you sane and positive. Limiting beliefs keep you stuck in a paradigm that hinders your ability to achieve your life’s bigger goals and dreams.

The 3rd goal achieving crusher is fear.

There are over 50 types of fears that hold people back. Fear of failure, fear of being embarrassed, ashamed ridiculed or judged to name a few.

Now, what most people do not know is that all three of these subconscious activities, deactivate the motivational circuits in the brain and activate the stress response circuits in – and when this happens- chances are that you will not take the necessary actions consistently enough to warrant the prize of goal achievement.

If you are serious in learning how to recognize and release one or more of these goal killers, there is a free live “brain training” event taking place online that you will want to sign up for right away.

It’s called the Brain A Thon, and 6 world-renowned experts will help you shatter these success killers once and for all.

Brain A Thon

How to Train Your Brain For Success?

Have big goals and dreams? Want to make more money? In this live training, John Assaraf teaches the neuroscience of goal achievement! You’ll discover science-backed methods to train your brain to achieve success.

This year’s annual John Assaraf and NeuroGym Brainathon is going to be fantastic!

At this FREE online event you’ll learn how to retrain your brain to quickly release the self-doubt, fear, embarrassment, shame, procrastination, and lack of confidence that’s HOLDING YOU BACK from achieving greater financial success and freedom.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

How to eliminate the feelings of uncertainty and doubt that cause you to procrastinate and fail to take the right steps toward achieving emotional and financial success.

Identify what’s really holding you back… re-frame and release it… and then retrain your brain to have the confidence, certainty, and unstoppable power to achieve your financial goals.

Begin to ACHIEVE your financial goals instead of simply setting them.

How to live your life with more purpose and meaning. You’ll feel that you’re in complete control and fulfilled – free from stress and the draining emotions that steal away your vitality and energy.


What Is Neurogym?

NeuroGym applies scientifically-proven methods and technologies for helping people strengthen their mental and emotional abilities and skills to help them remove the obstacles preventing them from reaching their fullest potential. Our Mission is to be the leading provider of life transforming technology, products and services to help individuals and corporations maximize their performance and results. Read about the science behind NeuroGym. Read More

NeuroGym – Conclusions

NeuroGym’s powerful techniques have been further validated by numerous research studies that demonstrate the efficaciousness of cognitive priming, success meditation, hypnotherapy, subliminal programming and behavioral modification.

When practicing these introspective methods, one will be able to retrain the brain and encourage neural growth and connections. The Innercises will directly and indirectly allow one to create positive subconscious beliefs, abandon undesired behaviors and habits and increase affirmative thoughts and feelings.

This will keep the individual focused and goal-oriented, not relapse into old, unwanted behavior, and attain personal growth physically, mentally, socially and financially. Further research is being conducted to explore the effectiveness of the methods as potential treatment options for a variety of conditions, as well as their efficaciousness in improving quality of life.

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Empower The World, One Mind at a Time!

Have big goals and dreams? Want to make more money? In this live training, John Assaraf teaches the neuroscience of goal achievement! You’ll discover science-backed methods to train your brain to achieve success