Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint Seminar | Tony Gentilcore & Dean Somerset

The most comprehensive resource on shoulders and hips available in the known universe (not that I’m biased or anything). Myself and Dean Somerset cover assessment to corrective exercise to how to coach up common strength training exercises.

Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint Takes Viewers Through The Complete Systems Used By Tony Gentilcore & Dean Somerset To Assess, Correct, And Strengthen The Hip And Shoulder Joints, As Well As How To Train Them, Leading To Bigger And Faster Results.

This 11 hour video workshop with Dean Somerset and Tony Gentilcore covers all training considerations for the shoulder and hip, including assessments, corrective options, strength training coaching cues, and performance development.

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What is the Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint?

Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint is the training workshop that improves your coaching and gets dozens of corrective options. This program will teach you on how to use the static and integrative assessment to help your training programs. It will train to improve the strength, active mobility, and durability with the variety of the modalities, and also when to adjust to make every easier or harder. You can train the athletes for the specific considerations, and the differences between them and the “desk jockey” customers and also what limits overhead mobility levels in many people. It will help you to find the role in training, how to find them, and what to do to capitalize them. You can use the test re-test assessment for your advantage and show customers where and how they can improve.

Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint Review

Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint Review

Tony Gentilcore declare that with using their Complete Shoulder And Hip Blueprint system, you’ll get adaptability as well as flexibility like never ever previously. It’s a total system, made to assist you attain brand-new degrees of convenience and also success. This is apparently the very best training system, that will certainly aid you as well as your customers. It will certainly assist you in one of the most straight method a program could perhaps aid you. You’ll discover how you can make use of fixed postures, asses them, them and after that incorporate them right into your training program.

They’ll likewise educate you regarding training auto mechanics and also just how you could take a breath right. Obviously, the trick is taking a breath via your diaphragm. It aids with movement in the top body, in addition to security of the reduced body. You’ll promptly discover how to see enhancements quick. The system is asserted in order to help in both locations. Likewise, the system is claimed to educate you a lot more extensive regarding breathing. It will certainly assist you with the thoracic movement in addition to scapular flexibility and also shoulder wheelchair.

Essentially, your flexibility is getting far better right around. You’ll have the ability to innovation shoulder as well as wrist constraints effortlessly. They likewise claim, that you’ll discover impingement. You’ll discover ways to asses for it and after that the distinction in between exactly how interior as well as outside impingement run. After that, they speak about just how you will certainly learn how to educate the overhanging professional athlete and also their certain requirements. You’ll learn exactly what the distinction is in between them as well as the desk jockey. They are both customers that have overhanging wheelchair problems. And also they are the kind of customers, instructors hop on a normal basis.

Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint Seminar

Exactly how Does the Complete Shoulder & Hop Blueprint Work?

Tony Gentilcore will certainly assist you instruct customers as well as buddies alike, how you can handle shoulder problems a lot more successfully. Additionally, you’ll discover exactly how you could enhance the evaluation procedure and also program layout aspects of your training. It will certainly assist you accomplish outcomes much faster compared to ever. It is perfect to assist you be the very best trainer you can be for your customers. You will certainly see as well as find out the various shoulder motions and also figure out just how they function prior to you utilize them.

Complete Shoulder And Hip Blueprint enables you to far better overview your customers and also develop a program that is suitable each of them. It will certainly aid you with individuals, whether they’re exercising or otherwise. And afterwards you additionally update our tool kit online, in order to look after lots of usual troubles that are forgotten. Finally, they’re mooting likely to instruct you concerning the various duties that a person’s makeup, contributes when educating an individual.

You’ll discover ways to deal with each client and also maximize the stamina as well as weak point of each customer. You could make use of an examination program to analyze and also re-assess your customers as they advance or decrease. And also you will certainly understand precisely where each customer has to enhance. When you incorporate both energetic as well as easy training, you see outcomes right away. You’ll comprehend just what the individual should service promptly in order to attain their ideal degree of wellness. They likewise educate you concerning distinctions within the architectural, and also neutrally soft cells. Likewise, any kind of restrictions of activity will certainly be dealt with also. It’s a total system to assist you, aid other individuals look after themselves so they do not need to manage the discomfort any longer. Tel Me More

Dean Somerset

Who is Dean Somerset?

BSc. Kinesiology – University of Alberta

Certified Exercise Physiologist

Canadian Society of Exercise Physiologists

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

National Strength & Conditioning Association

Medical Exercise Specialist

American Academy of Health, Rehabilitation & Fitness Professionals

This past year has been a busy one. Training clients in person, online coaching clients, Game of Thrones series finale, and along the way, Tony Gentilcore and I started teaching workshops on all-new content for the Even More Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint.

Tony Gentilcore

Who is Tony Gentilcore?

Tony Gentilcore is one of the co-founders of Cressey Sports Performance, which really should have been called “Cressilcore Sports Performance” because that sounds like an awesome castle where a wizard lives (and plays sports).

He’s no longer coaching there, but his legacy remains. Tony’s Techno Tuesdays will live on forever.

When he’s not picking things up and putting them down himself, he trains people at his studio, CORE, located in Boston, MA. He also contributes to the top fitness magazines and websites around, and sets up a camera in his garage to record his lightsaber skills.

He lives in Boston. With his wife, Lisa, and son, Julian. And cat, Dagny.

Two of the best in the fitness business come together to share cutting edge information on what they do best.

Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint Seminar | Tony Gentilcore & Dean Somerset

Shoulder Day:

Video 1 – Anatomy and assessments of upper body movement

Video 2 – “Fixing Scapular Winging, Posture, Scapular Stability, and Programming for Uncomfortable Shoulders

Video 3 – Assess, Release, Move: Targeting into Specific Tissue Limitations

Video 4 – Coaching Thoracic Mobility, Addressing Shoulder Limitations with Programming Adjustments

Video 5 – Programming Considerations, plus Examples for Specific Client Goals

Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint Seminar | Tony Gentilcore & Dean Somerset

Hip Day:

Video 1 – Lower Limb Influence on Hip Function & Mobility, Plus How to Address within a Training Session

Video 2 – Owning Hip Flexion and Positional Isometrics to Immediately Improve Range of Motion and Core Control. Plus Coaching the Squat From the Floor Up.

Video 3 – Coaching Squat Progressions, Plus Optimally Positioning and Set Up considerations for a Fantastic Barbell Squat

Video 4 – All Things Deadlift, Plus Programming Considerations for Young Athletes, Old Meatheads, and other Hip Concerns

Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint Seminar | Tony Gentilcore & Dean Somerset


Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint will help you to become the better trainer.
This workshop provides you the tips and tricks to take your deadlifts and squats to the next level.
This program will help you to learn all the assessments and exercises.
It is user-friendly and highly reliable.


Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint is available in Online only and Not offered in hard copy.


Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint is the highly-recommended program that helps your customers battle back from the injury and also hit performance records. The videos of the seminar are offered to anybody around the world, meaning that you don’t need to travel to attend the workshop and here you have the ability to watch the videos at your leisure versus taking time off from work, traveling, and also sitting through the whole thing in the one sitting. Here you will get 60 days to test this program. So don’t waste this nice workshop to get learn the training, mobility, and strength training.

There is NO RISK at all for you when you try The Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint seminar. If you are not at thrilled how this program help your clients battle back from injury and hit performance records, let us know and we will refund your order. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. You can order the videos, watch them all, and if you’re not able to say you learned something new or valuable from watching them, you can apply for a full refund within up to 60 days of the initial purchase.

Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint Seminar | Tony Gentilcore & Dean Somerset