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The main concept about this Penny Stock Prophet review is to give you an idea about where to invest. Instead of focusing on the standard stock market his formula allowed the public to concentrate on micro-cap sector, else known as penny stocks.

His main concept was to make the people understand the fact that investing on a small stock can also fetch a fairly big profit.

James Connelly is the man who made Penny Stock Prophet. While in college, he took $1,000 and turned it into a six figure amount in just thirty eight trades. Of course, this is what we would all like to achieve.

The creator himself, James Connelly backs his formula by offering 2 free stock picks on his website, so that people can watch those stock preferences and learn how they perform in the bazaar.

Although it isn’t guaranteed that you will be able to repeat his amazing feat, the program he has created based on his success will certainly help you along the way. Basically, in his program, he shares secrets about how he picks and sells penny stocks. Learn More

Penny Stock Prophet

What is the Penny Stock Prophet Program?

The program is designed to help people find the right penny stock breakouts. These are the ones

that allow for the greatest profit. It achieves this by sending out newsletters once a week with great ideas. It focuses specifically on those ideas that are supposed to give the greatest profits, being the ones that are about to spill out. Of course, everybody needs to have a degree of skepticism about this, but this

One of the things that makes the system stand out is that it focuses on stocks that cost less than $5. This means that you can get started for very little money. Hence, it also means you have a minimal risk in what you do. There is always a downside risk, but you can use stop-loss to manage that.

Penny Stock Prophet

Penny Stock Prophet – Does it Work?

A penny stock is also known as a micro-cap stock or a small-cap investment. However, just because the investment is so small, this doesn’t mean that you can’t make a huge deal of profit. Indeed, the percentage of gain you can make is much bigger than what you could achieve with a stock in a very well-known company. The difficulty is to predict the movement of these stacks. This is because they tend to exist in start-up companies, which don’t have any financial data behind them yet. Additionally, it is not uncommon for the facts that are out there to be somewhat manipulated.

Through Penny Stock Prophet, you become a member of the community and you will start to receive weekly newsletters with top picks of the week and why those picks are likely to work. You will also receive information in terms of how much to invest and when to sell. Furthermore, the newsletter includes a great deal of information about the company itself, so that you can get to know what you are investing in.

This is all provided through a ticker symbol, as well as the synopsis on the enterprise and their goals. The acquire and offer points for the stocks that are provided are what really makes this program different. Basically, you no longer have to do any guess works in terms of when to buy and sell and how much for. Instead, you have all the details needed, meaning you can start to build a really massive investment portfolio that is bound to make you plenty of money.

In order to invest in stocks, you also need an online stock broker. When you sign up for the system, you will be advised on which broker is most suitable for your personal needs. Hence, you don’t have to waste time looking into the different brokers, but you can simply get started and start earning money straight away.

Having a good broker is really important, as they could potentially take the vast majority of your profits in charges. Not just that, a lot of brokers currently don’t accept penny stock traders. However, by trusting the Penny Stock Prophet system, you no longer have any of this to worry about.

Penny Stock Prophet

The Penny Stock Prophet Weekly Alert Newsletter – Conclusion

James Connelly — AKA The Penny Stock Prophet Reveals The Secret To Turning $1000 Into $1 Million… Investing In Penny Stocks!

What you’re about to read is the story of James Connelly, a college dropout who created a secret stock-picking strategy that can turn $1000, into $1 Million, all by investing in small-cap and micro-cap stocks, otherwise known as “Penny Stocks.

Connelly’s peers eventually gave him the nickname “The Penny Stock Prophet” after he proved he had the amazing ability to pick “breakout” penny stocks just days before they experienced incredible gains of…

Penny Stock

The product comes with 60 days money back guarantee and if you are not completely satisfied with what you get, you will receive your money back.

Penny Stock Prophet
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