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Introducing Day Job Killer, a selection of powerful new cloud-based software tools which you can use to quickly and easily create professional videos, sales letters, and software products. The whole process has been simplified and the user-friendly interface makes it extremely easy to get started with minimum effort.

As well as being able to build your own high quality software products which you can sell on affiliate platforms such as JVZoo and ClickBank, the package also includes software that will automatically create high converting sales letters for your products and contains a database of the top performing solo ad vendors. It comes with detailed training and in-depth case studies with advanced strategies for becoming a successful affiliate marketer and product vendor. The special launch discount and Day Job Killer bonus will not last long, so get your copy today and start increasing your profits.

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CB 5000
Find niches making $100 to $10,000 per day NOW

JV Valley
Find software you can license for $100 and sell for $10k+!

Software Generator
Create unlimited new software tools for as little as $10!

Slide Maker
Create professional video products in under an hour.

AI Copywriter
Create an instant sales letter with AI, without writing a word

Al Designer
Use Artificial Intelligence to make an instant sales letter design

Email Nemesis
Find the top converting solo ad traffic – updated hourly

Find the best buyer keywords for any niche (for PPC & SEO)

Day Job Killer Videos
50 videos & case studies explain everything

Job Killer – Find a Hot Niche

First, we want to find ClickBank & JVZoo niches making thousands of dollars per day.

And that’s where my CB5000 software comes in. It’s THE ultimate tool to find the best niche (and find $xxx,xxx products in “secret niches”!)

Plus, I’ll give you training videos on niche selection (and recommend ONE niche that is the best)

With my four-step formula for niche selection (and the four niche case study videos), you’ll never worry about choosing the right niche ever again…

Create product in 1 minute

Now, we need to create our info product.. ideally a software tool that could potentially make us $xx,xxx! It would normally take months and cost thousands to hire a programmer but..

This only takes a few seconds with our software!

Firstly, use our JV Valley software to find developers who we can license software from (for as little as $100!)

Secondly, use our Software Generator tool to create a completely new software tool of your own… for free!

Create Sales Letter

Now, we need to create a sales letter for our product – and we do this automatically with 3 powerful new software tools.

Firstly, create a sales script using my AICopy tool (and use the power of artificial intelligence to build up your own spinnable text from other sales letters!)

Next, use the 1 Click Design tool to create an instant sales design using the script you just created with AICopy (it’s SO easy).

Finally if you want to create a video, use my Slide Maker software to create instant sales letters (just like the one on this page!)

Go from niche, to completed product & sales letter in 1 minute…

Get BUYER Traffic

Now your product & sales letter are complete, you’ll want to start getting traffic.

And that’s where my Email Nemesis & Keywordaveli tools come in…

Email Nemesis displays the solo ad sellers that the biggest gurus buy from over and over again…

And my Keywordaveli tool finds the buyer keywords for SEO and PPC with over 1000 searches in 1.5 seconds…

Profit & Scale Up!

With info products you have the best chance of making a full-time living from the Internet…

And with my software tools & training, you’ll have a huge advantage over everyone else – even the “elite” on ClickBank, WarriorPlus & JVZoo!

Take it from someone who’s made $xxx,xxx to $x,xxx,xxx with this every single year since 2007.

And, that was before I automated everything with my softwares!

But That’s Not All

LAUNCH CASE STUDY: How I made $170,000 in one day with CB & break the “highest gravity ever” record

OFFER CASE STUDY: Inside the stats for the #1 selling JVZoo product of 2017, Zen Titan 2

COPYWRITING CASE STUDY: How my student Rich Williams outsourced the sales letter for his first ever JVZoo product, Insta Crusher, and had the top-selling product of the month on JVZoo!

JV CASE STUDY: How I generated over $50,000 with a simple joint venture in a “weird pay per click niche”

EMAIL CASE STUDY: How I generated over $1 million with emails – my top secrets for email marketing

SOLO AD CASE STUDY: How I increased my conversion rates by 500% and made a loss-making solo campaign profitable

FUNNEL CASE STUDY: A look at the funnel for 3 affiliate promotions I did that netted me $5,000

$500/DAY WITH PPC CASE STUDY: How 3 keywords made me a consitent $500/day with Google Adwords

$500K SECRET SUBNICHE CASE STUDY: How the weird “internet marketing” sub-niche grossed $500k in 2017

But that’s not all. Order now, and you’ll also get access to all these additional newbie-friendly features…

Everything you need to learn & automate the Day Job Killer

Personal access to me – ask me any question you like about anything

Secret files, PDFs, reports & much more – the bonuses are worth the cost alone!

Future upgrades, training & more – It took me 11 years to make this. This is just the beginning!

So, on top of the 9x software tools, you get 50+ training videos – and all the bonuses too!…

The #1 package for the #1 money making method ! This cannot last!

Oh, and of course, you’ll also get personal access to my email address in the members area.

And remember, I’m here to help you succeed.

But you must act now.

This is on a strictly first-come, first-served basis…

“My Money-Back “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is” Guarantee

Examine my automated software in your home for 60 days, read the quick start guide, apply my system, watch the videos…

Automate your life-changing Internet business with my simple software tools, watch the 50+ training videos, finally create your first software product for FREE, create a sales letter automatically using “artificial intelligence”, get swarms of targeted traffic with solo ads, PPC, affiliates & more, copy the exact system that made me a cash millionaire in my 20s and allowed dozens of my students to go on to  generate millions by selling info products, software, wordpress themes & ebooks…

Job Killer and Software Tools