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The biggest difference between the Successful and the Failures is in the “FOCUS”.

While the successful people ensure that they stay focused, the Failures tend to lose their focus and hence their dreams.

In order to stay focused, it is important that you have concrete goals, written down, broken into smaller tasks and tracked until they are accomplished.

Goals on Track is a handy little tool that helps you stay focused by helping you with Goal Setting and all the associated activities, so that you don’t lose focus.

With a lot of useful features and a simple to use interface, Goals on Track makes goal setting a fun activity, while ensuring that you achieve your goals.

Finally a comprehensive solution to keep all your goals together and motivate you to make progress everyday. GoalsOnTrack can help you set SMART goals, …

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Goal Setting

Create SMART Goals – You can write your goals in a SMART way by following the goal creation form instructions to ensure your goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.

Chunk it Down – The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your long, complex, overwhelming goals into small, manageable chunks. Use Sub goal feature to chunk it down and stop procrastination

See Instant Progress – Seeing immediate progress on whatever you do is the most powerful motivation sources. Real time progress tracking features allow you to view instant progress on your goals whenever you complete a task.
Sample Goal Templates & Action Plans – Professionally made goal templates with detailed and customizable action plans helps you create your goal plans even if you have no clue how to start. You can even create your own templates.

The To-Do Lists

Tame Your To-do List – You can setup your tasks for your goals, and see them automatically organized by goals, categories, and days. The drag-n-drop features help quickly prioritize your Today’s tasks. Recurring tasks and email reminders also supported.

Use Your Time Wisely – No more wasting time because now you will be managing time. You can track the time you spend on tasks more accurately and effortlessly, using animated and offline time trackers. Quickly schedule your tasks with easy drag-and-drop calendar tool.

Day Planner On-the-go – You can print out a Day Planner sheet with all your active goals and tasks for today. Then take it along with you wherever you go. Check off your to-do list as you finish things and know you are making progress on goals without using the software.


Visualize Your Success – Visualizing your goals is a great way to motivate yourself. You can upload your own pictures for goals and watch your dreams unfold before your eyes in vision board tool.

Use Your Subconscious Mind Consciously – It’s been studied that we humans operate only 5% by our conscious mind, and 95% by subconscious mind. Visualization works because it taps into the huge power of subconscious mind to make your goals happen. Make vision board tool a part of your daily routine.

The Habits Builder Tool

Start a New Habit – Great and RIGHT Habits are what will help you achieve your goals. Now you can start a new habit today with Habits Builder tool.

Stick to it until It’s Formed – Place checkmarks on the habits calendar tool and track your progress with each of the habit. The software remembers when and how many checkmarks you placed, and automatically tracks your habit strength and days to form.

Goals Journal

Write down Your Goals Everyday – There’s no doubt about it: Writing your goals down is perhaps the easiest way to increase your chance of success. What better place than the built-in goal journal tool. Write it from anywhere and anytime you like.

Record your Successes and Learn from Failures – Use the goal journal tool to write down what you did for your goals, how you did it, and what lessons you learned. Not only will you have a written record of your goal journey, you’ll also gain valuable insights and grow personally in the long run.

Other Features

Share Your Goals and Accomplishments – You can also share your goals and accomplishments with your partners depending upon what you want to share and get cheered for your achievements.

Data Syncing and 3D Charts – You can sync your calendar with any of the major calendar tools and also create visually appealing charts and reports on whatever you are doing.

Mobile APPS – The software also comes with a Mobile APP which makes using it on the go, easier. And thanks to the automatic sync, everything still stays organized.

Result – Your membership benefits include

Unlimited access to GoalsOnTrack web application

Unlimited goals, tasks, habits, journal entries, etc.

Daily backup of your data

Free upgrade on new features and future add-ons

Bonus e-books on success and motivation

Free technical support

Goals on Track is a handy little tool that helps you stay focused by helping you with Goal Setting and all the associated activities, so that you don’t lose focus.

You can easily see what you have to do for the day.
You can click on a day and quickly add a to-do task
You can add that task under a specific goal or just your daily to-do list
You can view your active tasks or your completed tasks
You can choose to view the calendar for all goals, or just for a specific goal
You can view your tasks by tags
You can plug in a task for whenever you want (even in May of 2021)


Goals OnTrack is a web-based tool that allows you to set, manage, and track goals, tasks, to-do lists, and sub tasks and quickly see your progress on all your goals. Its time tracking feature allows you to better manage your time.

GoalsOnTrack is a simple and elegant web 2.0 style app for setting goals and task management. It allows you to create action plans for your goals and see instant progress by completing your tasks. Other features: journal, vision board, day planner, etc.

The true power of goal setting and what people did wrong.
7 scientifically proven goal hacks to apply in your life.
How to achieve more with a goal system high achievers use.
How to boost your goal achieving skills in 30 days, or less!

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